Cristina Baroncelli

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(Due to privacy resons you can only see the initials and nationality of the person).


M.D. (The Netherlands), man

I am again at peace with my past and what happened then.

During therapy I could make contact with my inner child, sooth him and offer him what he needed.

It has been very emotional, but I needed that.

Thank you Cristina for everything.


F. C. (Italy), woman

I sought help to process traumatic events in my past. I knew I needed EMDR, but the waiting list was too long for me, also because I had to move back to Italy.

By Cristina I could go quickly. With her have I felt safe and I made the step to process very unpleasant memories.

I can say that I no longer suffer from nightmares and I feel stronger. I can “live” again.


E. K. (The Netherlands), man

After two heart attacks I was afraid of everything. I had frequent panic attacks and was afraid I would die from another heart attack.

Cristina guided me and stimulated me to become active again in a warm and respectful way. With her I faced my fears!

Now I started running again and I am not afraid to die anymore. I finally feel healthy again!

Thank you Cristina.


G. H. (Egypt), woman

When I first saw Cristina, I was not able to do much. I felt constantly rushed, could not sleep and avoided contact with other people; everything was too much for me.

In a warm way Cristina helped me to put everything back in order. I learned to say “no” to other people and started "loving" myself.

I understood why I have always acted like I did, and am now able to think and act differently.


L. S. (The Netherlands), woman

I was referred to a psychologist with burnout and fibromyalgia symptoms. However, the reason that I could not function, was something else: I have OCD, but I did not dare to admit it to anybody.

Cristina made me feel at ease and I have dared to discuss my complaints openly. Cristina explained to me how OCD works and reassured me. I got a lot of homework from her, but it was also necessary!

I can function again now and I no longer suffer from my compulsions.

Thank you very much Cristina!


L. M. (Chile), man

I have experienced the sessions as very pleasant. Cristina helped me to clarify what I wanted in life and what was important to me. I did not know that changing mindset could mean so much in my life.

I have learned how to challenge my thoughts.