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Psyche offers a free telephone consultation (15minutes circa) for those who are interested in beginning therapy. The phone call is meant as exploratory to see if we can offer the right help.

There is no obligation to continue with treatment after this initial information and advice-giving session.

An individual therapy session lasts 60 minutes. The first session is always an intake.

The intake will focus on the concerns that have brought you to therapy as well as your past. This is to get an understanding of how past events might be influencing your present circumstance. The intake will help us to get to know you better and provide you an opportunity to feel what it is like to work with us. After the intake, we can discuss your areas of strength, improvement and goals for therapy.

Rates & Refund

  • Initial phone consultation: free
  • Session of 60 minutes: € 112
  • Online session (Zoom): € 112
  • Chat-session: 30 min, € 50
  • Voice Dialogue session: 60 min, € 112
  • EMDR (trauma therapy): 2 hours, € 185
  • Couple counseling or sessions for two people: 1,5 hour, € 155


Clients are always responsible for payment directly at the end of the session by cash or by using our PIN machine on site.

In The Netherlands Healthcare Insurance is based on two packages: Basic and Complementary. Different Insurance companies have different refund policies. Some might offer a full refund or a maximum number of sessions. Unfortunately in some cases no refunds are granted.

I am registerd with NIP (Dutch Psychologists Association), with NFG (Dutch Healthcare Federation) and with BPS (British Psychological Society). At the bottom of the page you will find a list of Dutch Insurances I work with. We highly recommend you to enquire in advance with your Healthcare Company about the different possibilities.

NB. the list is about Dutch Insurances. If you have an International Insurance, please contact them for an inquiry about their own refund policy. Usually International Insurances (e.g. Cigna, MCH) give a full refund of the session.

Cancellation policy

Upon cancelling within less than 24 hours,you will be charged with a cancellation fee of 75€.

No charge is placed upon cancelling 48 hours or more prior to the session.

Are you self-employed?

The costs for coaching for self-employed are tax-deductible as operating expenses. You can contact your Tax-adviser for more information about the topic.

Customised psychology services for organisations

Are you a company/ organisation and are interested in the services of Psyche? Psyche can also be hired by companies for coaching and guidance.

Reimbursement policies 2021 (Dutch Insurance)

Click on the link below to find out more about your Insurance Policy.

NB. Where you read "Registratie bij koepel vereist", please, do contact your Insurance company, as it might not be refund/ completely refund --even if on the list--.

Do you have a question or would like to know whether I can help you? Call or send me an email me to make an appointment.