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C.M.C. Baroncelli, MSc, MBPsS

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EMDR Therapist

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** NB . due to the high amount of requests, momentarily I am only able to place new clients in my waiting list . However, if you have a question, please, do not hesitate to contact me and send a mail to **

A warm welcome to Psyche,

Psychological support in your own language .

Sometimes it feels like it is too much all of a sudden and life can become a complex journey with many challenges.

Psychological problems can have a huge impact on our lives, especially if you notice that you are not able to solve them on your own.

How difficult your problem or situation might seem, there is a way out. You can tell me about your complaints or questions; nothing is strange, vague or unimaginable.

Together we will analyse what is happening in your life and what you can do to solve your problem.

A psychologist thinks objectively with you, and guides you through your emotional recovery.

I'll help you identify pitfalls in your way of thinking and in your behaviour, and will teach you how to challenge them.

I work in a warm, professional and decisive way. We go quickly to the core of your problem and you receive the tools to work towards a solution.

Spoken languages

There is nothing more difficult than trying to express yourself, what you feel and how you feel, in a language different than your mother tongue.

I give therapy in several languages: besides Dutch I speak English , Spanish and Italian .

Psyche - ψυχή What does it mean?

In Greek and Roman antiquity, the butterfly was the symbol of the soul. In Greek "psyche" (ψυχή) means both soul, mind, spirit, the invisible animating principle which occupies and directs the physical body.

When a butterfly first hatches, it has no wings - it is only a caterpillar. Over time, the caterpillar eats and grows, and it develops until it is ready to realise its true potential. Hidden inside its chrysalis or cocoon, a metamorphosis takes place, until the caterpillar finally emerges as a butterfly, with beautiful colours and wings to fly.

Just like a butterfly, we are born without wings. Through personal development we can grow and become liberated, to experience life to the fullest and become part of our world.

Psyche aims to help all people, young and old, to transform themselves and to reach their natural potential.

If you need help with personal development, overcoming challenges in your life or dealing with a specific problem, contact Psyche now to discuss how we can help you to achieve your goals.